What programs do you use? 

We currently use Adobe Premiere for video editing. For graphic work we use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. This is not implying, however, that you need these super expensive and professional programs to make videos. We started off using Windows Movie Maker (does that even exist anymore?). If you have a Mac, iMovie is great. Don’t let the software hinder you.

What equipment do you use? 

We currently use the Sony a7sII, Canon C300, and Panasonic GH4. However, the camera is not what makes a video great, it’s how you use it. WFP started on a simple Sony Handycam and Canon ZR10 (I don’t think they even make those anymore). DSLRs weren’t invented yet! Most point-and-shoot cameras these days are way better than what we started on. So find a camera and start shooting!

Where did you guys go to school? What did you study? 

Phil, Wes, and Ted went to UC San Diego. We were in the visual arts program. However, this was definitely NOT film school. UCSD is a bio-engineering school, you can imagine how much the art dept. was given, so we’ll just leave it at that. Most of what we learned in terms of shooting, cameras, editing, we taught ourselves. UCSD taught us theory, which is useful too, but we took it upon ourselves to learn on our own and push ourselves to get better. You can too.

Where do you get your inspiration? 

Life! Everyday life, friends, family, you! The experiences we go through mold and shape us, and it shows itself in our work.

How do I become famous on YouTube? 

If you’re asking that question, you’re already off on the wrong foot. Make videos because you love to make them, or you love to tell stories or make people laugh, not because you want to be popular or “famous”. We started WFP because we loved to shoot and edit and share our projects with our friends, we never had the intention of becoming “famous” online. If you are looking for a formula to get popular, you might want to ask a different YT personality, because we’re still wondering why we are popular ourselves. 

Why is Ted’s hair gray?! 

As he explained in an episode of WFW, he’s had gray hair since he was 14, and he was dyeing it since then. Just recently he decided “no more lying with the dyeing” and to just let his hair be its natural color. We think it looks awesome.

How do you find your actors? Can I be one? 

We go between using real actors or our friends who aren’t pros, but we know will be able to do it. Sometimes we have casting calls using casting websites. If you are actually serious about wanting to act for us, email us with a photo and resume and we can keep it on file.

What are your future plans? 

People always expect us to have some specific answer, but it’s impossible to tell the future. Sure, we want to make bigger movies or TV shows, but ultimately, we just want to stay creative and be happy. We launched an initiative called Wong Fu Forward to enable us to diversify and produce more quality content, collaborate with rising talent, and foster community outreach. No matter what, we’ll always want to create good work and tell good stories.

Can you please visit [insert city/country]?! 

We wish we could go to every country and city to see the fans and supporters there. Unfortunately, there is not enough time. While it’d be awesome to just go around the world, we’d get really behind on our work, and don’t you want us to keep making videos? If you are serious about bringing us to your city, email us at ( with logistics and a plan and who knows, maybe we really will be able to go to… Dubai, or Norway, or wherever!

Does Wong Fu offer internships?

We offer internship opportunities in areas of post-production and social marketing from time to time throughout the year. Currently, we are not seeking interns. But, check back here again and/or stay updated via our social for those opportunities.

*If you want to get in touch with us please fill out our general inquiries form.